Giovanni Tamburini

Giovanni has just completed his PhD at the University of Padova. His work  focused on ecosystem services and plant-insect interactions. He is studying potential interactions between below- and above-ground ecosystem services with a focus on pollination and biological control
Contact details:

University of Padova,
viale dell'UniversitÓ
16, 35020, Legnaro (PD)-Italy


Tel.: +39 0498272803

PhD Project

1) Testing interactions between above- and below-ground ecosystem services in crops

(part of the LIBERATION project - LInking farmland Biodiversity to Ecosystem seRvices for effective ecological intensification)

The LIBERATION project is part of the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and it aims to provide the evidence-base for the potential of ecological intensification to sustainably enhance food security with minimal negative impacts on the environment. This requires a basic insight in how biodiversity contributes to various ecosystem services and subsequently how ecosystem services contribute to yield and farm income.

Giovanni’s project focuses on pollination service, soil inputs and crop rotation, examining both above- and below-ground ecosystem services besides possible trade-offs and synergies. Experiments are performed on crop species (sunflower and oilseed rape).

2) Role of herbivores in governing plant community dynamics

This project concerns grassland plant community dynamics under the effect of herbivores and climate change. Giovanni is following in the short- and long-term the variations of plant community assemblage and structure, in a mesocosm experiment


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  • Tamburini G, Marini L, Hellrigl K, Salvadori C, Battisti A (2013) Effects of climate and density-dependent factors on population dynamics of the pine processionary moth in the Southern Alps. Climatic Change 121, 701-712

Last updated: 26/05/2016