Filippo Di Giovanni

Filippo is a PhD student at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with a focus on taxonomy and ecology of parasitic wasps of the family Ichneumonidae. His interests include the study of the determinants of parasitoid diversity in natural and managed ecosystems and development of interactive instruments for their identification
Contact details:

Centro Nazionale per la BiodiversitÓ Forestale "Bosco della Fontana" - CFS
Via Carlo Ederle 16/a

37100 - Verona - Italy

University of Rome "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie "Charles Darwin"
Piazzale Valerio Massimo 6

00185 - Roma - Italy

E-mailfilippo.digiovanni@uniroma1.it; aphelocheirus@gmail.com
Tel.: +390458345445

PhD Project

Impact of fragmentation on diversity of ichneumonid wasp communities of natural and restored forests 

With 60,000 estimated species, Ichneumonidae is one of the largest family in the Hymenoptera order and one of the largest amongst insects in general. Showing a wide diversity of biological habits, from specialized endoparasitoid to more generalized ectoparasitoid species, they play a key role in all the terrestrial environments and they are widely employed in pest control in managed ecosystems. Nevertheless, research on community ecology and systematics of this group is still scarce. The aims of this project are: 1) to evaluate the effects of habitat fragmentation on ichneumonid communities inhabiting lowland relict forests; 2) to assess parasitoid spillover from natural to restored forests of different ages located in landscapes with contrasting connectivity; 3) to improve the knowledge of ichneumonid Italian fauna, laying the groundwork for the creation of an interactive key for European Ichneumonidae
  • Penev L, Cerretti P, Tschorsnig HP, Lopresti M, Di Giovanni F, Georgiev T, Stoev P, Erwin TL (2012) Publishing online identification keys in the form of scholarly papers. Zookeys 205: 1-3
  • Cerretti P, Tschorsnig HP, Lopresti M, Di Giovanni F (2012) MOSCHweb - a matrix-based interactive key to the genera of the Palaearctic Tachinidae (Insecta, Diptera). Zookeys 205: 5-18
  • Di Giovanni F, Mei M. (2012) First record of Pison carinatum R. Turner, 1917 from Italy and Greece (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae). Ampulex 5: 42

Last updated: 08/11/2012