Diego Inclán

Diego has just completed his PhD at the University of Padova. His project focused on the ecology of tachinid flies. His main research interests include the study of the effect of habitat fragmentation  and  agricultural management on the diversity of parasitoid flies.
Contact details:

University of Padova,
viale dell'Università
16, 35020, Legnaro (PD)-Italy

E-mail: diegojavier.inclanlunastudenti.unipd.it
Tel.: +39 0498272803

PhD Project

Landscape dynamics of tachinid parasitoids

The family of flies, Tachinidae, is one of the most diverse groups of parasitoids. The Tachinidae contain approximately 10,000 described species, ranks second in species richness among families of flies (Diptera) and represent the largest group of non-hymenopteran parasitoids. Even though tachinids play an important role in ecosystems, most ecological aspects of this family still remain poorly known. Therefore, studying the tachinid community composition from a landscape perspective will be an important step in order to understand the ecology of this important taxa. The main aims of this project are: (1) to evaluate the effect of habitat fragmentation on the diversity of Tachinidae in semi-natural grasslands and lowland forests; (2) to compare the effectiveness of forest restoration contrasting the Tachinidae communities of natural versus restored lowland forests; and (3) to assess the role of semi-natural habitats in the dispersal of tachinid parasitoids into the adjacent agricultural landscape

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Dainese M, Inclán DJ, Sitzia T, Marini L (in press) Scale-dependent effects of semi-natural habitats on farmland biodiversity. Ecological Applications. doi.org/10.1890/14-1321.1

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Last updated: 02/09/2015